The English expression Bed and Breakfast refers to a form of informal symply, homely housing, practiced by those who, having one or more spare rooms, decide to make them available for overnight stays of tourists or workers. Inaddition to overnight stay, the structure will ensure the guest breakfast.

Usually the cost of Bed and Breakfast lie between hotel and / or residence, of which turn out to be cheaper, and hostels and / or campgrounds: despite being more expensive of these bed and breakfast provide more privacy and a more familiar climate.

The Bed and Breakfast ensure comfort and tranquility, they are a tourist accommodation suitable for a person, a family, an experience of friendship useful and important for any trip, any journey, an experience that has the ability to ease the longing for anyone's home.

The Bed and Breakfast Rasi excels in its ability to accommodate guests, making them feel at home; this stand out from the care of the environment, the attention given to each guest, the maximum availability that the family demonstrates to those who choose to stop: the y become, even for a smort time, part of the family.

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